JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS is one of the leading manufacturers of Briquetting Plants and Equipments. Briquetting plants convert agro, forest and industrial waste into bio coal and are the best renewable energy to create the prosperous environment. We manufacture and export range of Briquetting plants using ultra modern technology, with which we have achieved remarkable place in the market as a reputed organization to offer a qualitative range of Briquetting Plant.

In today’s time main problem of every country is how to manage waste as the amount of waste is increasing day by day with increase in number of Industries. To preserve nature and environment Briquetting Plants plays an important role. Briquette Plants use any biomass such as wheat straw, rice husk, groundnut shell, pine needles, wild grasses, shrubs and many other agro wastes and forest wastes. Anything which is biomass and waste can be briquetted into high calorific fuel briquettes.

Briquette is one of the best fuel option and also good for nature, as it only emits that mush of carbon dioxide which is essential by the environment for Plant and Trees. Briquetting plant is used to turn the waste into regular shape block by processing, which can be used as fuel. This plant is able to deal with all kinds of materials with suitable size and moisture. Briquetting Plant is widely used in both industry and civil scale for heating as a substitute of conventional fossil fuel.

Briquetting plants also known as briquette maker or briquette press works under principle of high pressure and temperature. Lignin which is kind of polymer in wood, which is used as a support of wood cell wall, will turn to a sort of plastic matter that sticks the briquettes together. That is why, no glue or binder is required in briquetting process, and it is one of the reasons of outer layer being smooth and shinning. The briquettes are prepared in different shapes and size depending on its application.

Briquetting machines are manufactured using latest technology and supplied after passing them through strict quality tests. Being a reputed and renowned manufacturer of Briquetting plants we offer many models at a reasonable rate. These machines have ability to grind any type of raw material and convert them into briquettes. Knowing how harmful these wastes are for environment Briquetting plants help in producing healthier fuel options which are environment friendly.

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Briquettes are best substitute for non-renewable source of energy as made by using natural waste. So large quality of agricultural and forest waste are easily converted into high quality fuel which can be used by industries as substitute of coal. By using briquettes there are two major benefits – the waste from different industries can be managed and low price fuel is available to industries.

Demand of energy is increasing everyday and the prices of traditional fuel are increasing at a fast pace. So industries are finding suitable alternative of these fuels, which has made increase in demand of briquetting plants. As briquettes are cost effective solutions to their problem. Briquettes obtained after processing the waste are replacement of fossil fuels, so can be considered as best renewable source of energy.

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