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Briquetting Plant System

Our company, which aims to increase the use of briquettes fuel energy, helps people in the use of clean energy. After the briquetting plant system is installed and the briquette plant system is put into operation, our company carries out maintenance, service activities at certain times.

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We are Leading Manufacturers of jk briquetting plant, briquette machine, Briquetting Press, Biomass Briquettes Plant, wood chipper machine In India.


Briquetting Plant

We provide the briquetting plant machine.


Wood Chipper Machine

We provide the wood chipper machine.


Biomass Dryer

We provide the biomass dryer plant machine.

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Our Installation Stages

Our working process for the most accurate energy.

Waste Analysis

We analyze to get the right energy from Wind and Sun.

Recycling Waste

We are planning the area of ​​solar panels to be installed.

Briquette Plant

We share the details of the system that will reduce your bills.

Briquette Application

We install solar panels where you can get high performance.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions on solar energy.

    What is briquetting plant?
    Briquetting plant is basically a technology which turns all kind of wood forestry, biomass and agricultural waste into solid fuel. Briquette plant turn the finished element into cylindrical logs with the help of high mechanical pressure this is done without any help of binder or chemical.
    What is the purpose of briquette?
    A briquette is a compressed block of sawdust or other combustible biomass material used for fuel and kindling to start a fire
    Why briquette energy?
    Eco-Friendly: Briquette fuel energy, which is one of the renewable energy sources, does not emit harmful radiation, smoke, sulfur, gas and carbon monoxide to the environment. In this respect, it is described as environmentally friendly and clean energy.
    Is briquette plant profitable?
    Briquette Plant are one of the most important details to reduce high energy costs. At the same time, income can be obtained by selling the briquette fuel energy produced in excess of the consumption.
    Where are briquettes used?
    Biomass briquettes can be used for power generation or for thermal application but mostly they are used for thermal application in industries replacing conventional fuel.

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