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M/S JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS is experienced versatile machine Tools company. Since 1994 M/S JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS of MR. SANJAY TILALA'S business has flourished in leaps & bounds. From a humble beginning now a large business group with an impeccable reputation. M/S JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS makes Briquetting Plants, with latest technology and assured quality.

Biomass Briquettes & Biomass Briquetting Plant

As we know very well regarding importance of fuel. Fuel is the heart of Industries. There is a huge shortage of Coal, Natural Gases, Kerosene, Diesel, Lignite etc. The Prices of these fuels are very high. Due to the heavy increase in the necessity of energy, people start to get interested in Biomass Briquettes. The Biomass Briquettes are eco-friendly and renewable energy in our Country. It is also used in bulk quantity in Developed countries. So, it can be said that it is worldwide necessity of Biomass Briquettes to fulfill the alternate source of other fuels. Previously it is used instead of the other fuels in improper way but now a day it is the basic fuels for the Industries. The Biomass Briquettes fulfill the necessity of fuels, giving best results and also cheaper than other fuels.

What is Biomass Briquettes?

Biomass Briquettes are made from the Agriculture Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste. It is converted into solid cylindrical shape. The major residues are Rice Husk, Coffee Husk, Coir Pitch, Jute Sticks, Sugarcane Baggasse, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Stalks, Cotton Stalks, Sawdust, Caster Seed Shells / Stalk, Wood Chips, Bamboo Dust, Tobacco Waste, Tea Waste, Paddy Straw, Wheat Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Palm Husk, Soyabean Husk, Veneer Residues, Barks & Straws, Forestry waste, Seeds Cases etc. Briquettes are the only binding. Means it is made from residues and giving high calorific value cal/kg. The Technology to binding the wastage is called the Binder less Technology. It has not required any kind of Binder or Chemical / Adhesive. Many of the developing countries are now diversified to promote this technology, because it has low pollution and easy to use. Also in India it is very fast moving product, as States Government also are encouraging this Industry by giving incentives to the manufacturer, plant holder and Briquettes user. Briquettes are widely used for steam generation in boilers, heating purpose etc. As a fuel, Biomass Briquettes / White Coal are giving best results. At present in Indian territory it has used in the Industries like Paper Mills, Solvent Extraction Plants, Vegetable Plant, Chemical Plant, Textile Units, Dying House, Food Processing Units, Milk Plant, Sugarcane Mills, Leather Industries, Laminating Industries etc. It shows that the Briquettes are very useful in each and every Industry which serves us every moment. In our regular life what we are using is made by using Briquettes as fuel.

What is Biomass Briquetting Plant?

The Machine to make the Briquettes from Agricultural Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste is called the Biomass Briquetting Plant. There are many types of Briquetting Plants. The manufacturer is made the Machines as per the Wastages available in their territory and demand. At present there is mostly three types of Briquetting Plants are running. In India the Agro Waste is available in bulk quantity and so the suitable machine is also provided. The Biomass Briquetting Plant is running without any Bindings or Chemicals. It binds the raw material itself by heating and by high pressure. It has also no need to heat by any other instrument or electric equipment. So, the technology of this Plant is called binder less technology.