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Biomass Briquetting Project

This Project is called “Biomass Briquetting Plant” and is simply the process to converting Agro waste, Forestry waste and Industrial waste into biomass Briquettes / Bio-coal. The Biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy for healthy environment and economy. It’s a completely Eco-friendly green energy project.

We all are well known by the importance of Energy and its sources. Energy is the key factor in economic development of every country. The demand of energy is increasing day by day and the supplies of sources are limited. It is globally red alert for fossil fuel like Petrol, Kerosene, Natural Gas, LPG, and Lignite etc. This has made a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy. Renewable energy is the ultimate solution, which can fill this gap. Most of advanced countries has adopted this concept, accepted this project and retaining their natural resources to get the solution of energy and fuels.

This renewable energy project is ideal for the agricultural based countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and African countries as there are a huge availability of agro-forestry waste. And it is very good in industrial based countries. It is the best project to generate revenue from agro-forestry waste, save the Global environment and to produce green energy.

Main concept of this project is to produce the material as a bio-coal, which is made from the wastages. We cannot destroy the wastages totally. But we can use it with the help of Briquetting Plant and produce the Briquettes, which ultimately produce the energy. We can say that To provide the energy in low cost is the main concept of the project.”


Country wise availability of raw material

Palm husk  
Rice husk char  
Rice husk  
Water hyacinth  
Katra Ghass  
Miscalthus [ Elephant grass ]  
Corn cob  
Corn cob waste  
Ceder cones  
Commercial Briq.  
Rice husk  
Rice char [ash]  
Rice stem  

Rice Busha

Amla Seed     Almonds
Babool Bagasse
Bamboo dust briq.    Bark
Beehive briq Besaram
Cashew shell Castor seed shell
Coconut shell Coffee husk
Coir pith         Cotton shells
Jute waste Paddy Straw
Palm fonds Rice husk
Saw dust Soyabean husk
Sugarcane Tea waste
Tobacco waste Wheat stalk


 Examples of Calorific value Cal/Kg and ash percentage of major agro wastes available

Agro Wastes  

Cal. / Kg.

Ash Contents 

Groundnut Shell 4524 K. 3.80 %
Bagasse        4380 K. 1.80 %
Castor Seed Shells 3862 K. 8.00 %
Saw Dust Briq. 3898 K. 8.20 %
Cotton Stalks / Chips 4252 K. 3.00 %
Bamboo Dust            4160 K. 8.00 %
Babool [Wood]            4707 K. 0.90 %
Coffee Husk   4045 K. 5.30 %
Tobacco Waste 2910 K. 31.50 %
Tea Waste     4237 K. 3.80 %
Paddy Straw  3469 K. 15.50 %
Mustard Stalk 4200 K.          3.40 %
Mustard Shell 4300 K. 3.70 %
Wheat Straw              4100 K. 8.00 %
Sunflower Stalk   4300 K. 4.30 %
Jute Waste                 4428 K. 3.00 %
Palm Husk     3900 K. 4.90 %
Soya bean Husk   4170 K. 4.10 %
Sugarcane     3996 K. 10.00 %
Barks Wood  1270 K. 4.40 %
Forestry Waste 3000 K. 7.00 %
Coir Pitch       4146 K. 9.10 %
Rice Husks    3200 K. 19.20 %
Wood  Chips  4785 K. 1.20 %           
Others so many 3700 K. Apx. 


This project is act as “Best from waste.” It gives us the Bio-coal from the wastages like Agro, Forestry & Industrial. The Wastages from these sources are raw material of this project and the finished product is called Briquettes. The feeding of raw material in this project is providing us the best from waste. This project is working with 40 to 90 HP powers in different types of models, it requires minimum 1000 Sq.meter space to work & store the materials.

There is not any specific need to special land or shed but suitable space and shed can give the best result in production and storage.

This project is essential for converting low-density biomass into high-density biomass fuel that is called Briquettes/Bio-coal or white-coal. Briquettes are made from agricultural or forestry waste, which can effectively, used as substitute of solid fuels [Coal or Wood] and can easily use various kinds of thermal applications.

 Benefits of this project

The demand of finished product briquettes is increasing day by day. It is available in various type of raw material easily in bulk. It is promoting to the Industries as a prime renewable energy project throughout the world. The project gives excellent viability. The total payback period of the project is apx. 2 year. It is pollution free and no hazard in this project. It is eco friendly renewable green energy project.

Governments are declared Incentives and Tax Benefits time to time for this project. The Incentives are such as Income Tax, Depreciation, Sales Tax, VAT, and Excise Duty. The Pollution Control Board also granted to run the plant without NOC from the board. NGO or nationalized banks are giving priority to finance the project.

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